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Songs from Little Street

by Sai Choo

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Finally, it's here!

This has been a long time coming and has taken more effort than expected. To record and mix everything myself and dealing with noise, computer issues and frustration is a recipe for madness.The songs were recorded with more care and thought than my usual youtube stuff.

This online version comes with a couple of bonuses that the CD version lacks, and the CD version has a couple of bonuses that the online version lacks.


released September 20, 2012

Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Melodica, Ocarina: Sai Choo
Mixing: Sai Choo

Recorded in various rooms around a house in London.

Special thanks to Mike for lending me his bass guitar.

Thanks to Mum, Dad, Yas, Alan and James.

Thanks to all my friends, old and new for providing me with laughter, joy, and nice conversations. I hope I have added something to your life at one point, even if it was the smallest thing.



all rights reserved


Sai Choo London, UK

That man who sang "Life is for singing and life is for dancing and life is for making love" has a good head on his shoulders.

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Track Name: Fixerman
Verse 1
I can't be a fixerman
Cos all I've got are broken hands
Broken feet and broken backbone too
So I leave it to the whims of fate
I'll just watch and sit and wait
Till some other man comes and takes you

Verse 2
You may think this is a front
A ruse to get what I want
But believe me I don't like to stay in chairs
You should try this body of mine
You'll soon learn that it's not fine
To have demons crawling in around your hair

What have I done to deserve this?
Did I deserve all the blame?
Maybe it's Fortune playing her little game
"This one too shall be lame."


Verse 3
I've took a liking to the knife,
The rope, the gun to end this life
But broken hands don't hear a broken will
When you threaten that you'll leave
I'll wear my heart upon my sleeve
And hope this broken heart will finally still

Repeat Chorus
Maybe I should take all the blame
Track Name: Little Street
It's been a while since then
Half a year's gone by
I hide it in the corner
But it always catches my eye
Maybe it was the way I spoke
Too afraid to speak my mind
Maybe I wasn't strong enough
Too afraid of what I'd find

So I go, so I go, to a land that is unknown
So I change, so I change, but things remain the same

So I walk down to the little street
Where we were supposed to meet
And though time's passed by, I still wonder why
I can't really let go of you
I guess I don't want to let go too soon

I tell all my friends not to say your name
The wound it's cut is too deep
I'd love to say that it's helped me out
But I still find it hard to sleep
Cos the wound it's cut is too deep
Track Name: I Wish I Could Stop the World
I've been stuck in the mud
For what seems like an eternity
I've been stuck in the crud
These legs don't want to get free

I keep twisting and digging and clawing away
But the mud just wants me to stay
The more I fight, the more I lose
I wish I could get rid of these shoes

I wish I could stop the world
And I wish that I was strong
And I always wish I could get the girl
But the world keeps moving on

She's walking on the path
I yell but she doesn't hear
Maybe I'm too far away
Maybe she's ignoring me
She seems to be walking quite quickly

She goes like a bullet train
Ignoring the hail and rain
I fall flat on my face, get put in my place
Caught in this losing race

A race that is never done
A race that just can't be won
And the world keeps rolling on
And the world keeps moving on